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About the Breeder

How We Got Started

Maria has owned and loved dogs since she was 12 years old when she was given the responsibility of training the family’s first dog, a beautiful GSD.

Maria learned how to be calm, firm, loving, and committed to another living being. She has always loved animals but dogs had a special spot in her heart.

 Having a dog who is with you during the highs and lows of life always ready to snuggle and discuss the events of the day, she cannot imagine a life without a dog, or several, by her side.  Her dogs are cherished parts of the family and live inside and by her side in everything she does.

Maria was first introduced to the English cocker spaniel in 1999 when she began looking for a smaller breed to have while raising her young family and was delighted with the gentle fun-loving dogs. 

With a new phase of her life, Maria has the time and the commitment to help a new generation of cocker spaniels into the world.  Being able to fully commit to raising puppies and using up-to-date information, as well as utilizing programs such as puppy culture Maria strives to make sure that Rivers Pride pups have the best start to life.

All Rivers Pride dogs are health tested for PRN, FN, and AON as well as hip and elbow scored.  We offer continued support and are always happy to hear from our puppy families.

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Our Program

Early Neurological Stimulation

ENS involves applying gentle stressors to a very young animal for short periods of time, is thought to improve their stress responses later in life.

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Startle response

In the first eight weeks a puppy goes from fully dependent on their mother to a weaned bundle of joy that lucky families get to love on.

It is our job as breeders to make sure that our puppies are healthy and well adjusted.

We do this in a number of different ways, ENS, startle response, getting them used to different texters and noises, different people and giving them obstacles to overcome, 

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